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Myers wins 2023 Goldsmiths Prize

Benjamin Myers has won the prestigious 2023 Goldsmiths Prize for his latest novel, Cuddy, a "bold and experimental" book that combines poetry, prose, play, diary and real historical accounts in retelling the story of the Anglo-Saxon saint Cuthbert and his connection to Durham Cathedral.

The Goldsmiths Prize awards fiction that “breaks the mould” and was judged by New Statesman's Ellen Peirson-Hagger, Tom Lee of Goldsmiths University and the novelists Maddie Mortimer and Helen Oyeyemi.

Judging chair Tom Lee said that Cuddy "is a book of remarkable range, virtuosity and creative daring... A millennia-spanning epic told in a multitude of perfectly realised voices, this visionary story of St Cuthbert and the cathedral built in his honour echoes through the ages."

Myers was announced as the winner of the prize at a ceremony on Wednesday and will receive £10,000.

Read more about the prize in the Guardian and New Statesman


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