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Turning Blue
  • Turning Blue




    In the depths of winter in an isolated Yorkshire hamlet, a teenage girl, Melanie Muncy, is missing. The elite detective unit Cold Storage dispatches its best man to investigate. DI Jim Brindle may be obsessive, taciturn and solitary, but nobody on the force is more relentless in pursuing justice. Local journalist Roddy Mace has sacrificed a high-flying career as a reporter in London to take up a role with the local newspaper. For him the Muncy case offers the chance of redemption. Darker forces are at work than either man has realised. On a farm high above the hamlet, Steven Rutter, a destitute loner, harbours secrets that will shock even the hardened Brindle. Nobody knows the bleak moors and their hiding places better than him. As Brindle and Mace begin to prise the secrets of the case from the tight-lipped locals, their investigation leads first to the pillars of the community and finally to a local celebrity who has his own hiding places, and his own dark tastes.



    'Depraved and decadent... His prose is beautifully controlled and so graphic it's impossible not to picture the scenes he conjures up in striking detail. There is no hiding from the darkness because the writing is so damned good' ― VAL MCDERMID, THE GUARDIAN 


    'A queasily compulsive evocation of a wild and brutal Yorkshire landscape, informed and haunted in equal measure by the shades of Jimmy Savile and his monstrous deeds and the East Riding's lost boy of crime fiction, Ted Lewis' ― CATHI UNSWORTH


    'Turning Blue is cool, dark and hypnotic. As we've come to expect from Myers, landscape and nature play an important role in the book, providing the rough-hewn canvas on which he paints yet another gripping, shadowy portrait of humanity, and in the process proves himself one of our most interesting and original writers' ― LOUD & QUIET



    Published by Raven (2022) in paperback and kindle format. First published by Moth in 2016. 

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