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The Gallows Pole: Shane Meadows drama set for May release

You can now watch the official BBC trailer for Shane Meadows' The Gallows Pole, adapted from Benjamin Myers' award-winning novel.

Set in the moorland hills of 18th Century Yorkshire, England is a country divided. As the aristocracy are building the first cotton mills and factories, the common people are starving. David Hartley (played by Michael Socha) has been away from his family’s remote moor-top dwelling for seven years. On his journey home to Cragg Vale, David gets lost in the moors. He’s dragging a mysterious looking bag of tools with him and on his last legs.

As he’s about to lay down and die, he is saved by six mythical stag men who let him know that his work on earth isn’t done yet. David’s mission is to assemble a gang of weavers and land-workers to embark upon a criminal enterprise to bring comfort and dignity back to his community. Hidden in the wilderness of the Yorkshire hills and dales, their business is ‘clipping’ – the forging of coins, a treasonous offence punishable by death.

The three-part series will be broadcast on BBC Two on Weds May 31st. It will be available to watch on iPlayer in its entirety shortly afterwards.

Read more about the production, and interviews with Benjamin Myers, Shane Meadows and the cast on the BBC's website.

A new edition of The Gallows Pole is published by Bloomsbury.


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